Care for Homes during damp weather


Excessive dampness and moisture can cause a lot of damage to houses. Damp weather breeds a variety of germs and not only makes homes look dull and dirty but can also make them unhealthy. Thus during rainy and wet weather, as part of our ‘Quality’ interventions,  it is necessary to keep the home germ and disease free, while also making it look fresh and bright. This can be done with the help of a few remedies that can  be easily made at home.

A good, all purpose cleaner is vital during damp weather when the home is attacked by a host of germs. A good anti bacterial spray can be used but this would be expensive, specially when it is required to be used regularly and in good quantity. An affordable and powerful cleaning spray can be made at home within a few minutes by mixing one cup water, one cup rubbing alcohol and one tablespoon white vinegar. This mixture can be poured into a spray bottle and used on kitchen and other surfaces and wiped off for a germ-free, sparkling finish.

A quick and easy remedy to remove dullness from floors, during damp weather, is to add a few drops of white vinegar to the mopping water.This restores the shine to the floors.

Use a solution of 4 litres of water and half a cup of chlorine bleach to sponge painted walls which become dull and lose their brightness and colour because of the collection of grime during humid weather.This simple home treatment restores the brightness of painted walls. 

The kitchen sink can become a breeding ground for germs during damp weather, if not cleaned regularly and properly. The sink can be sterilized using a simple home remedy  to get rid of disease causing germs.  It only requires a spray bottle filled with full strength rubbing alcohol sprayed down the sink after it has been used and wiped off with a clean paper or cloth towel for a germ-free sink.

Brighten the Wallpapers.

Like painted walls, wallpapers also tend to collect grime and look dull during damp weather.  If the walls are covered with waterproof wallpaper, the excess dirt can be removed with a vacuum cleaner first. This can be followed by washing the wallpaper with a mixture of half cup lemon juice, half cup dishwashing liquid and 4 cups water, to give the walls a bright finish.  However, to ensure that the mixture will not damage the wallpaper, it could be tried out in an inconspicuous corner before starting to clean the entire wall.


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