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Household items which people don’t realize have an expiry date :

If  ‘Quality’ is our concern, then it is not just food and cosmetics which have a best before date.  Our homes are full of things which have expiration dates- and if we value ‘Quality’, we  should not continue using items beyond their shelf life .  Mentioned below is a list of household items that we should not hang on to for too long.

Bedroom Items:

Hairbrushes – Every year :Not only should hairbrushes be cleaned once a week, they also need to replaced once a year.And if the brush is  made from natural boar bristle, then that’s every 7 to 10 months. 

Slippers- Every six months:Those comfy slippers should be washed or replaced every six months as they are a perfect environment for spreading fungal infections.

Pillows : Every two to three years as they can quickly become homes for dust mites and can cause neck problems due to losing their shape. 

Bathroom Items:

Sponges : Every two weeks: Sponges and shower puffs breed fungus so need replacing regularly. Alternatively, they can be boiled in hot water to kill germs and bacteria..

Towels: Every one to three years: Even regular washes cannot prevent our towels from being the perfect environment for bacteria growth.

Toothbrushes: Every three months: Be aware – if you’ve had a cold or flu, you ought to replace your toothbrush straightway or you risk getting ill again. 

Kitchen items :

Spices -Every one to three years : Any ground spices should not be kept longer that six months.

Flour – Every six to twelve months: First grade flour needs to be replaced at least every six months, whereas high grade flour can be replaced every year.

Extension Leads : Any lead only has a certain capacity and when that is exceeded, the lead can go bad which can cause serious problems.

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