Some thoughts to consider and internalise for ‘Quality’



Harness the power of your thoughts. Transform your dreams into reality with the power of your thoughts. Such is the power of the mind. To know and accept what you desire attracts that reality to you.

Entertain positive thoughts. An optimistic approach will boost your own as well as others’ morale, help one to draw positive energy and help you to hold on during testing times.

We tend to dwell on the tasks or relationships that ended up badly. But there is a solution for all and half the battle is won when one recognizes the need to find a solution. Whether it is work or savings or a personal relationship, everything can be reworked and salvaged. So accept the failure and simply move on.

Success and high productivity are great goals but not at the cost of your personal time. What one needs instead are discipline and deft management skills to achieve a high output- to make the changes happen without being thrown off-balance. It is about maintaining equilibrium in the midst of change.

While it is important to eat and drink right to cleanse and energise the system, mental detox is more important than a physical detox. Experts maintain that mental toxins caused by anger, fear, hate, jealousy and more, are more harmful to the mind and body. Yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, constructive therapy and finding some ‘me’ time help to increase positive energy and calm the mental state, while doing away with stress and anxiety.

Sometimes it is the untried paths that lead to fulfilment rather than staying frozen in familiar routines.

Are you part of a crowd or do you stand apart? What distinguishes you from others and gives you that cutting edge ? All of us are unique but we readily pour ourselves into available casts. It is important to step out of boxes and explore possibilities.

You are good not because there is nothing bad in you but because you have resisted it and struck a balance.
Identify the people and activities that waste your time and sap your energies, enervators like mental toil and agitation. Get rid of these and make life meaningful.

Keep your dignity intact. Stop losing yourself to please others or to keep a relationship going. Live with Dignity.

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