Home is where the heart is

For the majority of people, the home is the hub of their existence. Whatever we value most is usually associated with our homes – family, the most important of relationships, our earliest, dearest and most significant memories, the important values that we learned and the influences that shaped our personalities.

Homes, offer shelter, refuge, resources for survival and growth and other kinds of psychosocial support systems among many other benefits and therefore should be nurtured, developed and preserved as centres of wellness and positivity.

For the most part, whatever we become is the outcome of our home environment.  A home that has a cheerful, clean, healthy and honest environment is reflected in the lifestyle and persona of the people who belong to it.  On the other hand,  a home where the dominating influence is negative will deter progress and well being.

Care for the physical aspects of the home like cleanliness, repair, maintenance, décor, is not to be underestimated. Whether as a home-maker or as a family member, our relationship with the external environment which immediately surrounds  our home – the flora, fauna and neighbourhood- deserves attention as well. An attitude of peaceful coexistence, respect, cooperation and kindness goes a long way to making a home a wellspring of happiness.

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